Our Values:


Integrity and the Golden Rule must
guide every business decision. Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.


Enthusiasm radiates a positive energy in the workplace and among customers. Praising each other builds morale and provides inspiration as
we work together to achieve our goals.


Speaking truthfully & clearly communicating to team & directors in a timely manner.


Master artists demonstrate leadership,
taking on greater initiatives and fostering trainees to become

beauty experts so that the team can be constantly growing

and improving to achieve long-term success.


The quality of every product, service and communication with our customers must meet the standard of perfection our company brand promotes and upholds in order to deliver the utmost in value and satisfaction to our customers. Quality is our top priority.


Teamwork allows positive collaboration, contributing to the company’s success.


We must keep our priorities in balance by putting God first, family second and career third and honoring every commitment.

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