Hair (Bridal Trial)

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Hair (Bridal Trial)


Tips on how to come prepared to your trial!

Go clean and product-free. For a hair trial, wash your hair the night before (so it has time to regain its natural oils) and don’t put in any product. If you need to do a little taming with a straightener or curling iron, that’s OK—just don’t overdo it. You want your hair to be as natural as possible.

Bring photos. And lots of them. If you like elements of a couple different hairstyles or makeup looks, bring photos of all of them, so your stylist can use them to build one cohesive vision. Let us know what you like and don't like!

All of your accessories. Veils and other headpieces should be a given—your hair wouldn’t look the same without them! But don’t forget about jewelry. Bring any earrings and necklaces you plan to wear.

A camera (or your phone). Snap a few pics at the salon from all angles to see how it will photograph.  But don’t limit it to the salon. Take photos outside and in other settings to see what you look like in different lighting.

A friend. What’s better than having someone there to compliment you when you’re looking your best? A friend or family member can offer much-needed support and encouragement (and some tough love if needed).

Speak up. Don’t like something? Say something! That’s the whole purpose of the trial. Don’t be shy.

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Bridal trials held at Bpure Beauty Bar in Saratoga Springs NY.