The Romantic Bride




Looks effortless, soft, pretty, sensual. Blends intricate details with whimsical inspirations, flowers in the hair, a sparkle in her eye, kissable lips, as she is ready to be swept away on her wedding day.

Hair Inspiration

For this look I mixed together soft curls and braids. I took the soft texture of the models hair and curled it with a iron wand. Then styled it with layers of interwoven braids, finishing with a low bun at the nape of the neck. I then, topped it all off with face framing tresses.

Makeup Inspiration

I wanted a youthful look with pink cheeks, shimmered cheekbones and flawless skin. For my Romantic girl I used Krystal Rose gloss in color sugar plum on her lips, violet gel liner by Krystal Rose on the bottom lash line and smoked out with a violet shadow smudged over. I used a full set of whimsical lashes to make her eyes pop. 



Makeup by Krystal & Hair by Brittany at Krystal Rose Studio, Photography by Dino Petrocelli

Before Picture

Before Picture

Hair by Brittany at Krystal Rose Studio

Makeup and Hair by Krystal Rose Studio

Makeup & Hair by Krystal Rose Studio